Ranking the best uniforms in the NBA


In the NBA, perhaps more so than any other pro sport, style means a lot. Whether it's on or off the floor, players love to look good. The difference is that off the hardwood, style choices are all up to the individuals. On the court, however, there isn't as much room for creativity.

Some teams rock designs that are easier on the eyes, while some are in desperate need of a re-design. That's simply the way it goes in league of 30 teams. But we definitely have our favorites.

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We're entering the home stretch of the regular season, so by now, we have a good beat on which teams are among the class of the league. But do those line up with who we think has the best looking uni combos?

Click through the gallery above to see our rankings, and for 2 Point Lead's take on the worst jerseys ever, check out the video below.

2 Point Lead: Worst Jerseys
2 Point Lead: Worst Jerseys