Peter Rabbit is getting his own coin, thanks to the UK Royal Mint

Will Rare Coins Make Investors a Mint?
Will Rare Coins Make Investors a Mint?

This currency's so cute, you're probably not even going to want to spend it.

Adored literary character Peter Rabbit is about to make UK history by becoming the first children's literary character featured on a coin. The new coins come in honor and celebration of what would have been the 150th birthday of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" author Beatrix Potter's birthday.

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Mr. Rabbit himself will be featured on a silver 50p, his signature blue jacket sure to be a standout against the silver backing of the coin. Earlier this year, the Royal Mint announced a series of coins that would honor Potter and Shakespeare.

Following the release of the Peter Rabbit 50p, the Royal Mint will release uncolored versions of the coin. Additionally to come this year are three other coins featuring different characters from Potter's stories, completing an intricately designed four-piece set.

Royal Mint coin designer Emma Noble, who created the designs, said that she "wanted to put Beatrix Potter's illustrations to the forefront of my design as they are lovely images and the characters are very well known."

We couldn't agree more. Looks like stealing from Mr. McGregor's garden was worth it after all, as Peter will now be forever honored on a shiny piece of silver. Something tells us he'd be quite pleased.

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