Marshawn Lynch raps while riding a camel (Video)

Marshawn Lynch Sells Skittles on Home Shopping Channel

Former Seattle Seahawks All-Pro running back Marshawn Lynch is thoroughly enjoying his retirement from the National Football League. The star tailback that was reticent from speaking to the media during his playing days with the Buffalo Bills and Seahawks is seen rapping while riding a camel in the Egyptian desert. He lives a better than all of us.

Lynch was in Egypt with former teammate Breno Giacomini to promote their annual football camp, American Football Without Barriers. The Seahawks organization shared this video clip on its official YouTube account. Not only does Lynch to spread the game of football to youngsters in Egypt, but he gets to "ghost ride with a camel". You feel him?

For a guy that trademarked the phrase, "I'm only hear so I won't get fined" and his frequent endorsements of Skittles candy, the soft-spoken Lynch is clearly having the time of his life promoting football while rapping on a camel's back in the Egyptian desert.

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While he did win a Super Bowl in 2013, this life event of Lynch's just might top that. 53 players win a Super Bowl every season, but how many safely say that the their former employer would graciously endorse a YouTube video of a guy rapping about ghost riding on a camel?

Lynch was a huge part of the Seahawks' success during the Pete Carroll era in the Pacific Northwest. He continues to do fantastic work in the community even after his NFL retirement. On Leap Day 2016, Lynch won and nobody can deny that.

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