Here's the change to the Oscars thank-yous that's making the show much better this year

2016 Oscars Winners Recap
2016 Oscars Winners Recap

You may have noticed the scroll of names at the bottom of the screen after winners are called at this year's Oscars. Those are thank-yous the nominees gave to the broadcast in advance.

The new feature is the brainchild of this year's producers of the show, hoping for more heartfelt speeches instead of just names of agents, managers, and lawyers taking up a winner's time on the stage.

So far we haven't gotten any moments like the #StayWeird speech from "The Imitation Game" screenwriter Graham Moore or Patricia Arquette's demand for wage equality, which both went viral last year.

However, if you caught the scroll during the win for "Inside Out" there was this great little Easter egg at the end. Someone's getting a puppy!

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