Foods to avoid to minimize bloating

Foods to Avoid to Minimize Bloating

Spicy thai take out, rocky road ice cream and the trendy raw foods restaurants down the street - it's all tasty and makes our mouths smile. Until the smiles fad and the bloating sets in.

If you want to avoid stomach issues, try avoiding these foods.

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Energy bars ... sure they may sound healthy and may be full of nutrients but a lot of energy bars contain glycerin and maltitol syrup which cause bloating and gas.

If you're in a pinch, eat half the bar and save the rest. Vegetable skins can be tough to digest - especially skins from eggplant and peppers.

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To minimize bloating avoid these foods
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Foods to avoid to minimize bloating

Energy bars

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Always take the skin off eggplants. The skin can be hard to digest. 

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Carbonated beverages

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Peel these veggies first and better mash and puree them before eating It's easy to pop sweet grapes like candy. But this fruit is high in fructose - a natural sugar that causes gas.

Cranberries and blueberries will still give you the antioxidants from red grapes sans the gas. Sad but true nuts are high in fat and fiber which can slow the digestive process.

If you have a sensitive stomach, try limiting nuts and opt for nut butters to satisfy those cravings and get some protein. You should also avoid carbonated beverages, including seltzer and stick with water.

You may be missing out on your favorite foods, but no bloating means skinny jeans and isn't that worth it?

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