Celebrating the '13th anniversary' of the longest game in basketball history

Basketball Photography on Display Ahead of NBA All-Star Game
Basketball Photography on Display Ahead of NBA All-Star Game

On Feb. 29, 1964, the boys basketball players of Angier and Boone Trail high schools knew their extra day of the year would be filled with extra basketball. But they had no idea exactly how much basketball they were in for.

It was 13 leap days ago that the two schools put together the longest game in the history of boys high school, mens college or NBA basketball. After 13 overtimes, Boone Trail came out on top, 54-52.

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There are a number of fun facts about the game, including that Angier had a player who was very superstitious, and coaches instructed his teammates not to mention that the game was in a 13th overtime.

Nine of the 13 overtimes were completely scoreless. This makes sense when you consider that all 10 starters logged every minute of the game. No player sat for a single minute of rest.

Including girls high school basketball, the longest game ever went into 16 overtimes -- a Tennessee matchup between East Ridge and Ooltewah.

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