Burger King customer orders an $80 Whopper

We Try Burger King's Grilled Hot Dogs

At Burger King, you truly can have it your way.

A writer for Japanese and Asian news site Rocket News 24 ordered a burger topped with around 9,000 yen (about $80) worth of pickles. The fast-food chain complied, serving up the burger that is at least 95% pickle.

"Obviously, the towering almost-entirely-pickles-Whopper was far too big to eat like a regular burger, so the whole sad, mutated mass had to be disassembled and eaten piecemeal by everyone in the office — so basically, one guy ended up just eating a regular Whopper and everyone else walked away with hundreds of pickles," reports Rocket News.

Past Burger King experiments from the website include ordering Whoppers with 1,000 slices of cheese,100 slices of onions, and 1,000 slices of bacon.

Compared to these other monster creations, the pickle burger looks downright appealing.

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Burger King customer orders an $80 Whopper
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