Best time to buy a plane ticket may be 54 days before takeoff

This Is the Best Time to Buy a Plane Ticket

After looking at information from 2015, we finally know the best day to book a plane ticket so you get the cheapest possible price.

According to CheapAir, ticket prices are at their lowest 54 days before takeoff. However, that number isn't set it stone, it's just when they hover around the cheapest price they'll ever reach.

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You do have some options, which is good because it's not always realistic to plan 54 days in advance.

In general, CheapAir recommends booking between 112 and 21 days before your trip -- which is between three-and-a-half months and three weeks ahead of time. That's a pretty big window, but apparently it's considered prime booking time.

Tickets are super expensive when they first go on sale and the same goes for last-minute tickets. You'll pay about $200 more than whatever they were at their lowest. Plus, at that point, you'll have fewer flights to choose from.

You also need to consider when and where you're flying. The 54-day rule might not mean as much if you're going somewhere super popular, like Florida for spring break.

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Best time to buy a plane ticket may be 54 days before takeoff

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