Watch Stephen Curry break his own record for three-pointers in a season (Video)

Warriors 121, Thunder 118
Warriors 121, Thunder 118

Stephen Curry is literally a cheat code at this point, this is something that we all know by now. With the Golden State Warriors taking on the Oklahoma City Thunder Saturday night, he was at his ridiculousness once again and making history in the process.

As expected, this has been quite the close contest and these two teams were able to take this one to overtime. This is where Curry made the history.

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In the overtime period, Curry knocked down this insane three-pointer, his 11th of the game by the way, that let him break his own record for three-pointers in a season with 287.

#Congrats to #Curry on the record #Warriors NBA Basketball: Warriors at Thunder ABC

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Just amazing, he is. Throughout the night on Saturday he has been blowing our minds once again, which is something that he tends to do one a regular basis. However, things are just a little bit bigger when he breaks a record while he's putting a show on for everyone watching.

Congratulations, Steph. You're good at basketball.

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