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"It's all in the details" is especially true when it comes to men's suiting. This is the reason why small accessories, like cufflinks and pocket squares, have become so important in the black tie world -- not only do they bring together a look, but they also add a bit of excitement to an often standardized mode of dressing. The same theory can be applied to socks. Take Pair of Thieves for example: the brain child of Cash Warren, Alan Stuart and David Ehrenberg aimed to help make men look cooler from head to toe (literally).

It all started when Stuart and Warren were back in high school and would wear funky designers socks over their white athletic ones. So when the time came to conceptualize a business, the two knew exactly where to turn to; "Over the years, we talked a lot about what type of brand we would build if we had the opportunity and we kept coming back to what we were most passionate about...socks." Teaming up with Ehrenberg who knew the manufacturing ins and outs of the apparel industry, the trio created Pair of Thieves. As Warren notes, "It was love at first sight. We all shared a vision of how to disrupt the commoditized men's basics category by combining performance, design and affordability in a way that hadn't been done."

Their passion and vision paid off. Pulling inspiration from their everyday lives, The Pair of Thieves team made a name for themselves in the fashion world by creating designs that are fun, but also completely wearable in any person's day-to-day wardrobe. Not to mention, their bright, geometric accessories are probably the easiest way to make workwear dressing actually cool.

So if you're looking for some advice on taking your suits to the next level, who better to answer your pressing accessory questions than Warren himself.

Ahead, Warren dishes his insider tips that will help you become the smartest, best-dressed and most interesting man in the boardroom.

Give us your elevator pitch to someone who is on the fence about adding color to their business attire.
According to a recent study conducted by the most reputable brain mechanics specialists, your mental state for the day is determined the moment you put on your socks. Meaning, you have a better chance of being the cartoon character with the black rain cloud above your head if you are wearing boring ill-fitting socks. If you want the seas to part and money to fall down from the sky into your pocket you will put Pair of Thieves on your feet tomorrow morning.

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This past Men's Fashion Week proved that plaids are the next big suiting trend.What do you recommend for people who want to do patterns on patterns, without it looking too over the top?
I'm all for patterns on patterns as long as you have a simple color story. Crazy colors on top of complex patterns can be a bit much at times. If you wouldn't wear it no one else will.

There's very much an unspoken rule that for black suits, you have to wear black socks. What's your alternative for men who want to spice up a monochromatic look?
The all black sock is tired and drunk. In each of our collections we try to include a couple of designs that are appropriate to wear with a black suit or tux but a little pop of color to let your personality shine through. When was the last time you received compliments from matching your all black socks with a black suit? Never. I'd recommend wearing our Ojama Shimasu or Mr Cathead designs with your black suit.

Pair of Thieves Mr. Cathead, $10; Pair of Thieves Ojama Shimasu, $10. All styles are available at

What is the biggest styling mistake most men make when it comes to business wear?
A lot of men still wear those razor thin dress socks that go up to your knee...and then after a couple of washes the socks lose their elasticity and get "drunk". The Worst.

What are you favorite socks to lighten up a dark pair of jeans?
Runs with Pride, Sorry Suzanne or Sockagawea are my go to pairs when wanting to lighten it up a bit.

Pair of Thieves Sorry Suzanne, $10; Pair of Thieves Runs With Pride, $10; Pair of Thieves Sockagawea, $10. All styles are available on

If you could give one piece of fashion advice to men out there, what would it be?
Grown ups: Burn those cargo shorts, give away any outfit that looks good on a teenager and toss those awful, silky, drunk dress socks in the garbage.

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