Latest dessert mash-up 'Everything Doughnut' is putting West Village shop on the map

'Everything Doughnut' Might Be Next Hot Trend in Breakfast Mash-Ups

WEST VILLAGE (WPIX) -- To say that this doughnut has "everything" – would be pretty accurate.

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It's called the "Everything Donut" and it's flying off the racks at The Doughnut Project in the West Village.

Slathered in sweet cream-cheese glaze and topped with the things you would find on an everything bagel – oven roasted sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic and sea salt, it has become a tremendous hit at the 5-month old shop and has even hit viral status.

"We're not the originator of it, but we're trying to be the elevator of it," co-owner Troy Neal told PIX11 News.

Neal, a former bartender, is the first to admit that his shop's approach to reinventing doughnuts isn't anything new.

His inventive menu, however, is what's winning over customers.

"We are really back there like mad scientists saying hey maybe this will work, or let's try this and sometimes it comes together in the right way."

The Everything Donut was inspired by Neal's typical breakfast – without the sausage egg and cheese, he revealed.

The Doughnut Project is located on 10 Morton Street in the West Village.

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