Experts weigh in as tea companies claim you can get a slimmer belly with 'teatox'

Experts Weigh In As Tea Companies Suggest Weight Loss With 'Teatox'

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WXIN)-- It's the age of the crop top all over again.

Tea companies are flooding social media claiming to be the way to help you achieve your flat tummy goals. Marketing campaigns with hot models and drastic before and after photos of everyday people like you and me. You can't go on social media these days without someone posting about tea that promises to attack belly bulge, detoxify and boost your metabolism to help you look slim.

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"After having two kids-- I mean especially it's hard to lose that pooch, that pouch at the bottom. So just trying to get past that last little hump of fat and get it to melt away," said Kyla Thompson.

Thompson tried Fit Tea for 14 days. The product is marketed by Khloe Kardashian, who is rocking a new slim physique. Thompson wanted to try the tea after hitting a plateau on her fitness journey. She was eating clean and working out twice a day, but the scale was stuck.

"I dropped three pounds in those 14 days," said Thompson.

There are countless teas out there. Fit Tea contains things like green tea, Stevia and garcinia cambogia extract. You take it every morning or right before a workout.

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Experts weigh in as tea companies claim you can get a slimmer belly with 'teatox'

"It's something green tea didn't do for me. So having whatever those other natural ingredients were inside of that helped with keeping the bloat down. Therefore, it did look better when I put on dresses," said Thompson.

I joined her on the journey. But I tried another tea that's heavily marketed by celebrities on Instagram-- Flat Tummy Tea. It works completely different. It's more like a cleanse to attack belly bloat, and let's just say it can really get you going. So much so I had to pull back on drinking it. We took the tea to an IU Health Dietitian.

The first ingredient that caught her attention was Senna.

"It's an extract from a plant that is used as a laxative so that would be one of the reasons it would be used as the cleanse of detox portion of it. Because it's going to help increase those bowel movements and move things through a little faster," said Dietitian Anna King.

King doesn't recommend repeat use of products that work as a laxative. Long term use could lead to dehydration, weakness and possibly kidney damage. She says don't let dropping a few pounds in a couple weeks get you excited.

"So there might be some initial weight loss but it's going to be water weight. It's not going to be fat loss and in that short amount of time it's something your body can easily gain back very quickly," said King.

"That ever coveted flat tummy is going to come with consistency and persistence and that's going to come through diet and exercise," said personal trainer Carla White.

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