No takers for $400,000-a-year job in New Zealand

No Takers For $400,000-A-Year Job In New Zealand

A New Zealand doctor is having a difficult time filling a position that offers a six-figure income and ample vacation time.

Dr. Alan Kenny from Tokoroa has spent the last two years searching for a general practitioner to join his medical office despite the help of professional recruiters, reports the New Zealand Herald.

The job comes with an annual salary of $400,000 in local currency, or around $267,000 in U.S. currency, 3 months of vacation, and a weekday schedule with no nights.

However, Kenny acknowledges the downsides are the rural location and "a punishing workload."

Since the story about his search has been publicized, he says he has been bombarded by prospective applicants but most, in his words, were "trash."

And he now also feels hostility from local residents over the high incomes doctors make.

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