11 confessions from people with celiac disease will make you realize that going gluten-free is more than just a 'craze'

Gluten is a protein found in commonly consumed food products -- probably even more than you realize -- that has been pinpointed to inflame an intolerance in people. This intolerance is called celiac disease. And while people often tag being gluten-free as a 'fad' or trend, it's very important for people with celiac disease to steer clear of gluten products. Besides being at a higher risk for anemia, osteoporosis and lymphoma, the life of a person with celiac disease is not always easy.

Several people with serious gluten intolerances took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to express what it's really like to be have celiac disease.

1. While it's difficult to suffer from celiac disease, there could be a lot worse things in the world:
People always feel "sorry for me" because I have Celiac disease but honestly, I

2. Thankfully, lots of restaurants have begun to accommodate people with gluten-free diets:
I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in fifth grade. I still get embarrassed when I go out with friends and have to bring my own food.

3. It's could be insulting to a person who has celiac disease to watch someone feign gluten intolerance for the sake of being 'trendy':
I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I don

4. Adhering to the diet celiac disease demands isn't always enjoyable:
My friend won

5. Forcing yourself to stay away from foods you love can be truly difficult:
I have celiac but I eat all the things I shouldn

6. Having loved ones worry about you is an added stressor to having celiac disease:
Sometimes I hate that my friends fuss over my gluten sensitivity. Just let me suffer alone, I can

7. If you walked into an aromatic bakery and couldn't have any of the delicious treats, you'd probably cry too:

8. Even though some people go gluten free just to be part of a trend, celiac disease is very real:

9. Not being believed about something you're struggling with can be very demoralizing:
I have celiac disease so I can

10. You can't always even trust food labels:
Having celiac disease is the worst thing ever. Some products are labled gluten free, and I still react. Ugh, I

11. It might be hard for people to separate sympathy from self-preservation:
I hate celiac disease everyday I

Want more confessions from people with celiac disease? Check out Whisper!

In case you needed some more clarity on the difference between the fad and the disease:

Celiac Disease: Looking at the Gluten-Free Craze

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