Who won the 10th Republican debate?

Republican Debate Slugfest
Republican Debate Slugfest

On Thursday night the 10th Republican presidential debate of the 2016 election season aired on CNN. With only five candidates still in the running and next week's "Super Tuesday" primary quickly approaching, candidates began to go on the attack.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz seemed to focus their energy on Donald Trump as they both compete overtake the GOP front-runner.

Who do you think dominated in the debate? Weigh in below.

During one of the most heated moments, Rubio accused Trump of not having a thorough understanding of healthcare policy and Trump fired back at Rubio for constantly repeating himself during a recent debate.

As things got intense between the top three candidates, Ben Carson wanted in on the action, asking "Can somebody attack me, please?"

Many are praising Rubio's performance and calling it his best. But Donald Trump thinks otherwise.

See images from the debate below:

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