Someone replaced Donald Trump's eyes with his mouth and it made absolutely no difference

People have been known to use to social media to ridicule what comes out of Donald Trump's mouth these days -- it's not like he makes it very hard to do so.

But as of today, they're even going after his mouth itself.

After making the initial observation that Trump's eyes and mouth appeared to always be making the same expression during the Republican debate last night, Twitter user @recordsANDradio decided to put his keen observation to the test.

In an unsettling experiment, he proceeded to Photoshop The Donald's mouth over both of his eyes to see what would happen.

And the result is extremely alarming -- because Trump looks EXACTLY the same in the before and after shots.


That is ... that is just plain terrifying.

In case you haven't had enough, here are some of Donald Trumps craziest quotes...yet:

Donald Trump: His Most Outrageous Moments...So Far
Donald Trump: His Most Outrageous Moments...So Far

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