Should you pick up a coffee habit if you don't already have one?

Should You Pick Up a Coffee Habit If You Don't Already Have One?
Should You Pick Up a Coffee Habit If You Don't Already Have One?

Research about drinking coffee can be overwhelming. Should you drink the stuff or not?

A writer for a New York Times blog wanted to know the answer to that same question. Specifically, is it worth it to start drinking coffee if you don't already?

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One professor of nutrition told the Times, even though there's research on the benefits, "It's another thing to recommend it as a medical choice." And for some, those benefits could come along with side effects like insomnia and jitters.

That positive research about coffee really does seem to be getting some attention.

A recent review of coffee studies concluded drinking a few cups of coffee a day could dramatically reduce your risk of alcohol-related liver cirrhosis.

Either way, it could be a while until your doctor is writing you a prescription for your Starbucks habit.

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