Man in Austria fined for burping loudly while standing next to a police officer

Man In Austria Fined For Burping Loudly While Standing Next To A Police Officer

Vienna, Austria, a place with a seemingly endless supply of beer and hearty food, apparently has laws regarding burping.

Surprised? So was city resident Edin Mehic, who was slapped with a roughly $75 fine after letting out a noisy gust of air while standing near a policeofficer.

Mehic soon after took to Facebook to share the experience and explain he had just eaten an onion-heavy kabob.

He also posted a picture of the ticket on the social media site.

Though the incident occurred about a month ago, he's recently been getting a great deal of public support.

Over a hundred people have committed to be part of a Saturday belching flash mob near the place where Mehic was fined.

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