J.C. Penney to sell items for a penny as part of a new promotion

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When coming up with a promotion to get more shoppers in its stores, J.C. Penney didn't need to look any further than its name.

Starting Sunday, if you only have a single penny in your pocket, that will be enough to shop at the retailer.

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In a new program called "Get Your Penney's Worth,'' stores and jcp.com will be selling certain items for only a penny, while others will be buy one, get another one for a penny, starting Feb. 28. The struggling retailer, which closed about 40 stores in 2015 and cut 300 jobs at its Texas headquarters, is looking to get people in its stores with the deeply discounted items.

"In order to encourage trial, and introduce more customers to the quality and style associated with brands such as Arizona and JCPenney Home, we are hosting a unique promotional event called Penney Days,'' J.C. Penney chief customer and marketing officer Mary Beth West told TODAY.com. "At various times throughout the year, we will make available a limited run of some of our five-star-rated items within our private brands so customers have the opportunity to try them for a penny."

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Some items will come from its apparel brand Arizona, and they will available while supplies last. West declined to specify other items that will be available for a penny, saying they will be "a five-star-rated item from within our private brand portfolio that customers tell us that they love."

The items will not be revealed in advance, with J.C. Penney looking for shoppers to make regular visits to see which ones fall under the penny deal at that time.

"They will reflect a range of categories and price points,'' West said.

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