Get smart with this Miami home that has a 'brain'

Miami Real Estate: What's Hot, What's Not
Miami Real Estate: What's Hot, What's Not

Smart appliances are becoming more and more commonplace in new and renovated homes. The idea of a true "smart home" is starting to become less of a futuristic ideal and more of a subtly advancing reality.

This house, located in gorgeous Coral Gables, FL, comes pretty close.

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One of the property's co-listers. David Carrion-Levy told Curbed Miami: "[The house] has a main 'brain' system (control 4) that automatically controls all LED lighting in the house. Every bathroom is custom designed and boosts individual lighting and details that make each one of them unique."

This 6-bedroom, 5-full bathroom home is quite stunning, from its modern architectural design to exquisite detailing, including marble flooring, decadently patterned granite counter tops and walls in every room that speak for themselves. The main wall of the master bathroom is adorned with individually placed rectangular stones that are interlaid with symmetrical patches of grass (yes, grass, on the wall).

Like any smart South Florida home, this one comes stacked with a heated pool and hurricane impact windows. Oh, and in case you wanted to hire a chef or a maid or even someone to tend to that grass on your bathroom wall, the property comes with staff quarters, too.

All 4,636 square feet are going for $3.299M.

Take a look at the property below:

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