Frugal Fridays: Money-saving tips for the bar scene

How to Save Money at Bars
How to Save Money at Bars

Friday nights out at your local dive or that new swanky club are always a blast--until you're lying in bed on Saturday morning checking your bank statement.

The bar scene has a sneaky way of draining your bank account. First, it's buying the alcohol to pre-game with, then buying drinks for yourself and your friends at the bar, then ordering food at the bar when you get hungry. This isn't even factoring in cover charges, tipping or Uber and cab fares. It all adds up, and it adds up quickly.

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When you're trying to save money, sometimes it feels like the only option is to opt out and stay home. But fear not! There are ways to go out, have fun, do your thing and not blow through all of your cash. (We promise!)

We've compiled our best tips for mastering a night of drinking when you're trying to watch your spending.

Take a look at all of these tips before you go out and let loose this weekend:

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