Father, son to celebrate their unusual Leap Year birthdays

5 Things You Don't Know About Leap Year
5 Things You Don't Know About Leap Year

A California father and son are gearing up to celebrate their 15th and 5th birthdays on Monday. And while the math on their ages may sound a little off -- it's not!

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Fred Shekoufeh and his son Eric were both born on February 29th, which makes them Leap Year babies.

The likelihood of a parent and child both being born during Leap Year is approximately 1 in 2.1 million, according to TIME Magazine.

Leap Year occurs every four years, so if you're counting their birthdays by normal calendar years, Fred is actually turning 60 and Eric will make 20.

Fred admitted to the Huffington Post that celebrating their birthdays can get confusing, but it usually makes for an unforgettable experience, like when he turned 10 years old in 1996, the year Eric was born.

"My ex-wife was in labor and said, 'This is your birthday present,'" Shekoufeh said. "When the doctor found that out, she said, "I will try to bring that baby out so it can share your birthday."

One of Eric's favorite birthdays was when he turned 4 in 2012.

"Everyone and their mother made a joke about me turning four, and that four-year-olds shouldn't be able to drive cars. Well, evidently I could," he said. "I was glad to have an actual birthday on such on emphatic year: getting a license. No confusion at the DMV. I hope I can say the same when I'm going out for my 21st."

Next year Eric will likely have to give the bartender some kind of explanation when he hands over his license for his first legal drink.

"Legally, I should be able to drink on the 28th, but I'm expecting a bouncer to look at my license and tell me it's a fake," he said.

On the bright side, the pair will never really have to worry about aging gracefully.

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