Doberman's reaction to owner's hand will scare the living daylights out of you

Precious Puppy Challenges Larger Doberman Dog

A Doberman dog proved he's not one you should mess with in a terrifying video that may haunt you for a very long time!

The video begins with Peaches, a not-so-friendly brown dog, sitting down with a raggedy toy. He looks pretty harmless ... right? Wrong!

'Peaches, guard," a man orders in the video – and what happens next will send shivers down your spine!

The frightening animal's owner, a woman, starts to dangle her hand in front of his face. He starts growling and flashing his incredibly white teeth.

The woman continues to tease Peaches in several frames and the aggressive creature continues to growl ferociously. But you may not be prepared for what you see in the very last shot.

Peaches keeps his eyes on the dangling hand and leaps forward with a loud bark as if he were about to attack his owner. The woman screams in fright and the footage suddenly ends.

The scariest part? No one knows what happens next.

Watch the video below:

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