8 tips for how to get the best hair EVER

8 tips for how to get the best hair EVER

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

Hairstylist Mara Roszak has styled some of the most prominent celebrities in Hollywood for everything from photo shoots to awards ceremonies -- and she has the tress expertise to prove it. In between prepping her celebrity clients for the cameras and the red carpet, Roszak took the time to share some of her best insider secrets for achieving Oscar-worthy locks. The best part: You can DIY her hints for covetable, flashbulb-ready hair in the comfort of your own home.

1. Don't Wash Every Day
Overwashing strips your strands of their natural oils. To preserve a healthy luster, Roszak suggests washing hair three to five times per week. On alternating days, utilize a dry shampoo to absorb extra oil. When you want to clean and hydrate your hair without a complete shampoo and conditioning treatment, try a cleansing balm. The multitasking product acts as a cleansing conditioner that simultaneously cleans, moisturizes and nourishes hair for polished, healthy locks.

2. Hit Reset on Your Look With H2O
Roszak recommends keeping a spray bottle filled with water on hand as an emergency hairstyling solution. On unsightly hair days, simply spritz your locks and blow-dry damp hair to reconstruct your style instead of washing those stubborn tresses.

3. Oil Is Your Friend -- Even if You Have Fine Hair
Roszak sings the praises of hair oils, and for a good reason: Oils protect, nourish and moisturize strands for a healthy-looking, beautiful mane. Even fine-haired girls can get in on the action by utilizing a pea-size amount of product, or the equivalent of a half pump, to achieve smooth, glossy hair. Apply a small amount of oil to hair from mid-strand down directly after showering to detangle; follow up with small doses throughout the day to add moisture, pump up the shine and tame flyaways.

4. It's All About That Brush
A high-quality comb-out brush can make an incredible difference in your hair care routine, Roszak says. Hair follicles are weakest when wet; they should be treated gently to avoid breakage when you're detangling. Look for a brush that has soft, straight bristles, and avoid those with a ball at the tip of each bristle.

5. There Isn't a Miracle Cure-All Styling Product
Despite her devotion to oil, Roszak maintains that there is no one-size-fits-all styling product. She encourages her clients to find products that match their unique hair type and styling goals, whether they desire a bit of shine, extra lift, texture or bouncy curls. Select a corresponding product customized to your needs to achieve your personal hair objectives.

6. When You Blow-Dry, Go From Front to Back.
The front of your hair is the focal point of your style. Therefore, Roszak recommends, begin at the front when blow-drying locks. Apply a small amount of priming spray and, using a round brush, start at the top of your head before working your way down. Doing so will create great volume and lift at the roots.

7. Braid Hair to Get Natural Waves
To enhance the natural waves and texture of your hair, braid strands into a basic plait before bed. In the morning, just unfasten the braid and apply a texturizing spray to boost the waves you've created. If you're short on time, lightly run a flatiron over the braid before adding any product to speed up the setting process.

8. Yes, Your Style CAN Last All Day
Roszak's secret for maintaining her clients' red-carpet coifs from the limo to the after-party is simpler than you may think: a generous dose of strong-hold hairspray. To reinforce complex updos, she also relies on strategically placed bobby pins. Finally, the hairstylist uses shine spray to finish off a look so that it's streamlined and camera-ready.

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