3 ways to unplug

By: Spicy Candy DC

As a small business owner, blogger, and a person who likes to juggle ten things at the same time, it's really hard for me to find time to unplug. Recently I've been doing a much bigger effort to make this a priority because calming the mind is one of the best things you can do for yourself, but it's not always easy. Here are my top three ways to unplug and enjoy a little 'me' time

1. Going for a walk and getting lost. Sometimes I like to leave my phone at home and just explore the neighborhood, especially if I'm traveling in a new town. We're easily distracted by our phones in order to get that "perfect" photo or capture a moment on our snapchats, but it's really important to remember to live in that actual moment. There is nothing more beautiful than being inspired by what's actually around you and not the beautiful moments you see on your instagram feed

2. Reading. One of the most relaxing and fulfilling activities for the mind is reading a good book, but most of us are "too busy" and lack the enthusiasm for daily reading. Personally, what works for me is making a conscious effort to spend at least 20-30min a day reading before bed. I usually skip on that extra TV show or news report and head to bed earlier so that I can read a chapter or two before lights out.

3. Taking a bubble bath. There is nothing more relaxing than putting on some chill tunes (I usually make a spotify playlist of my favorites), taking a bubble bath, and just simply relaxing. Letting go of that daily stress by literally washing it away will reboot your body and mind.

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