16 cringeworthy confessions from baristas will make you rethink your next latte

It's been suggested time and time again that customer service jobs are not the most pleasant ways to earn a living. Whether it's hours on your feet or dealing with unruly clients, service employees have plenty to complain about. And guess what: Your coffee vendors are no exception!

16 baristas took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to express what it's really like to sell you your morning pick-me-up.

1. A barista who's never had coffee is probably better than one who tastes yours as it's being made...

2. Just because your tasks are easy enough doesn't mean your job is easy as a whole:
Being a barista is hard....making the drinks isnt hard but dealing with some of the customers is

3. Don't feel bad next time you send the wrong drink back -- free drink for your cashier!

4. Your favorite barista could leave at any moment, so appreciate him/her while it lasts!
I work at Starbucks and seriously people don

5. If being a good person isn't enough motivation, fun coffee art could influence you to be kind!

6. That 'lite' coffee might not be what you think it is:

7. Some baristas put time and effort into the drinks they create, so your stop for coffee might not be as in and out as you want it to be!

8. Does your barista like you, or just want your spare dollar?
As a barista, I flirt with everyone to make good tips.

9. Having trouble sleeping? Your barista might be spiking your morning coffee with a little extra kick...
As a barista, I never do "half caff" drinks. Come on now, you

10. The only thing that could make this barista better is if he or she gave the drink away for free:

11. You may not realize how exhausting a coffee vendor's job is:
I work at a coffee shop and have to drink 10 shots of coffee a day to stop myself passing out due to exhaustion

12. Your barista cheating his or her employee could mean some nice discounts for you:
As a Barista I never charge people for Soymilk because I don

13. Make sure you're at least an arm's length away from an angry barista:
I work as a barista and sometimes when annoying customers come in. I feel like pouring hot coffee down their shirts

14. A barista's revenge is best served decaf:

15. If you don't trust whipped cream, your barista doesn't trust you:

16. If you're getting a trenta, it better be for a good reason:

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