This elephant's painting skills will blow you away

This Elephant Is a Really Good Painter
This Elephant Is a Really Good Painter

If you've ever wanted to feel bad about your artistic skills, then allow us to introduce you to Suda, the incredibly talented painting elephant.

Trained to create these mini-masterpieces, Suda has been working on her talents ever since she arrived at MaeTaeng Elephant Park in Chiangmai, Thailand. While she gravitates towards painting pictures of other elephants, she has also been known to create canvases inspired by trees, flowers and even people.

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As one of just three wonderful elephants that can paint at the facility, Suda and her brothers and sisters have found refuge at Maetaeng, a park that is committed to fully protecting the Asian elephants.

According to its website, "Many of our elephants spent their early years in the logging industry, some have been brought here from the streets where they were used for begging."

The loving and inspiring park attracts visitors from all over the world, all of whom are eager to watch the hefty artists at work. Check out some of the tourists' documentation of Suda below:

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