These are the happiest (and most miserable) jobs in America

What Are The 'Happiest' Jobs in America?
What Are The 'Happiest' Jobs in America?

If you're happy and you know it, you may be a school principal.

According to CareerBliss, an online career community that ranks jobs based on the happiness of their employees, school principals are the happiest workers in the United States.

The rankings are based on an analysis of more than 25,000 reviews submitted by CareerBliss users from 2013 to 2015. The reviewers rated their job satisfaction in the following categories: management, peers, support, rewards, growth potential and company culture.

This is how Joy Isbell, an elementary school principal, described her job to CareerBliss:

I get to problem solve, console parents, support teachers, go to meetings, acknowledge success, and enforce positive behavior. ... I run with students, read to them, talk with them, listen. Same with staff. If I'm lucky, I get to wear a cape and run into a sea of screaming kids to AC/DC. I have the most powerful job in the world. I'm a champion for kids. For our future. Who wouldn't be happy doing that?

Isbell does make being a principal sound amazing! But if working with kids doesn't sound fun to you, no worries. There are plenty of other career choices with happy workers. According to CareerBliss, these careers have the most satisfied workers in the United States:

  1. School principal

  2. Executive chef

  3. Loan officer

  4. Automation engineer

  5. Research assistant

  6. Oracle database administrator

  7. Website administrator

  8. Business development executive

  9. Software engineer

  10. Systems developer

But not all workers wake up excited to go to their job. CareerBliss says these are the 10 unhappiest jobs in America:

  1. Security guard

  2. Merchandiser

  3. Sales

  4. Dispatcher

  5. Retail clerk

  6. Research analyst

  7. Legal assistant

  8. Technical support agent

  9. Truck driver

  10. Customer service specialist

What do you think about CareerBliss' rankings for the happiest and most unhappy jobs in America? Did your job make the list? Share your thoughts below or on our Facebook page.

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