The best selling products on Amazon

Amazon Launches 7 In-House Fashion Labels
Amazon Launches 7 In-House Fashion Labels

Do you want to know the latest product trends of the moment? Amazon's Best Seller list is a great place to check out which items are filling up shopping carts everywhere.

As one of the biggest online retailers in world, Amazon's sales soar when it comes to electronic commerce. The site's robust library of products and prices make it a top destination for online shoppers -- so what better place to check in on what your friends are checking out?

Whether you need gift ideas for your nephew's birthday or just looking to treat yourself, this list will come in handy. From Cards Against Humanity and Chrissy Teigen's new cookbook to Gillette razors and water filters, all ages and interests should be covered. The top purchases below are broken up by category, such as toys and games, electronics, books, clothing and beauty.

According to Amazon, these 14 products are the most popular items by category based on sales on February 25, 2016:

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