Little boy becomes frantic after realizing his meal is 'too cute to eat'

Food Is Too Cute For Kid To Eat
Food Is Too Cute For Kid To Eat

Taking the expression 'looks too good to eat' to the next level, a video has surfaced showing a little boy getting very emotional over his aesthetically pleasing dinner.

The adorable breakdown occurs when the child's mom serves him cut-up hot dogs aligned in a smiley face, a meal which proves to be more than he can handle. Staring down at the plate, the boy begins to sob as he looks at the camera, and then back at his plate while explaining to his mom that "it's just too cute to eat."

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The boy elaborates, saying that the diced weenies, AKA his kryptonite, is something that his mom never makes for him, thus sparking his reaction. When she asks him then if he would like her to turn them into a sad face, he again loses his cool saying, "No, I want it to stay with a smile."

The video, which was uploaded by America's Funniest Home Video, has racked up more than 150,000 views over the course of a couple days.

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