Charlie Puth talks #FreeKesha and where he recorded his Selena Gomez hit

Charlie Puth Talks Kesha and Dr. Luke's Legal Battle
Charlie Puth Talks Kesha and Dr. Luke's Legal Battle


Charlie Puth just gave his two cents on the Dr. Luke and Kesha drama.

Dozens of celebrities from Taylor Swift to Lena Dunham to Adele have stood up on Kesha's behalf after she sued her record label, Sony Music, and blasted her producer Dr. Luke for sexual assault and Charlie Puth is too.

"This is really upsetting honestly," Puth told AOL in an exclusive interview at Global Green's 13th Annual Pre-Oscar Party on Wednesday. "I will go full-out on saying this, but so much attention has been taken from the music that those two wonderful humans have made, it's just really unfortunate. I want [Kesha] to come out with new music."

Despite the somber start of the conversation, Puth, who was on tap at Wednesday's event to open for Stevie Wonder said he was a bit starstruck by his incredible success since his first hit, "See You Again" from the summer blockbuster,"Fast and Furious 7."

"I'm really excited to open up for Stevie Wonder," said Puth. "I'm pinching myself, it's really incredible."

And that's not the only star he's recently had to pinch himself over -- he says he'd love to collaborate with Bruno Mars, but he was too afraid to even talk to him. "I almost said 'hi' to him at the GRAMMYs but I was too scared."

Charlie Puth is an unexplainably charming guy so while he hasn't worked with Mars yet, he did work with Selena Gomez on their recent hit "We Don't Talk Anymore," but you'll never guess where they recorded it.... in a closet at his lawyer's house.

"I know it's strange but we didn't have a recording studio setup," said the "One Call Away" singer. "So the best place to dampen the sound is a closet."

We will give you this, Charlie. You're both industrious and seem to have good taste in collaborations.

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