14 heartbreaking confessions explain what it's really like to be a single mother

Being a parent is difficult as it is -- properly raising a well-formed human being, while keeping your own head on straight, is an unbelievably and endlessly demanding (as well as rewarding). And although there are several people who are lucky enough to have a partner in the process of child-rearing, there are also many, many people who brave the storm alone. Adjusting to single parenthood is a life-changing triumph that isn't always an easy feat.

Several newly single mothers took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to give some insight into their daily struggle.

1. Adjusting to single parenthood means adjusting to a completely new lifestyle

2. The difficulty of being a single mother doesn't go away overnight
I am a newly single mom. And I don
3. Making sure your anxieties don't negatively impact your children is very important
I just became a single mom and I couldn

4. Protecting your child from an inattentive parent is a struggle of its own
New single mom struggle: Your ex cancels his visit with his child so he can spend more time with his girlfriend :-( I don

5. Finding a partner is probably the last thing on your mind when you're focusing on raising a child alone
I just became a single mom. I can

6. There's no way to get through something except to try your best, with a little confidence
So I just became a single mom... I guess it

7. Feeling judged instead of appreciated for your hard work is heartbreaking
Im a newly single mom. I feel there

8. Watching what you expected to be a family fall apart might feel like losing a lifelong dream
Just became a single mom, I hate it so much, I just wanted my family, but guess not...

9. There's nothing like unconditional love for your child to motivate you to face your fears
I am a new single mother. I will do this alone. I refuse to live with others again. I am scared but I can do this for my son.

10. Going through a breakup is hard enough when you don't have children to raise
I became a single mom 4 days ago. I

11. The beauty in being a parent often outweighs the struggle of doing it alone

12. Having no sense of a plan of action for your life can be frazzling and frightening
Newly single mom and honestly i have no idea how im gonna make it through the week let alone the next 18 years....i feel so lost.

13. Meeting deadlines and paying bills is suddenly all on you as a single parent
New single mom. $8 in my pocket. Rent is past due. New job doesn

14. The best kind of resilience is found after overcoming a struggle you didn't know you could beat
I recently became a single mom, and it
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