Watch: Google's latest robot takes a beating and gets back up

Meet The New Atlas Robot
Meet The New Atlas Robot

If you have nightmares over a robot uprising in the future -- a la Terminator -- you probably don't want to watch the latest video from Boston Dynamics, the robotics company Google acquired a few years ago that is now part of its secretive Google X research division.

The video will most likely make your jaw drop. It shows Boston Dynamics' latest Atlas humanoid droid, which is 5-foot-nine and weighs 180 pounds -- so the size of your average human -- not only walking upright with relative ease, but also getting back up when pushed down by what it will probably one day come to see as its human tormentor.

The actions the Atlas droid can perform are awe-inspiring, from squatting to pick up heavy packages, to balancing itself so it doesn't fall over while walking down a snowy hillside. Then, of course there is its ability to get back up all by itself when being knocked over. And if all that weren't enough to cause a bit of wonder (and alarm), the fact that the droid makes a quick exit for the door a few times in the video will probably make you wonder where this thing might show up next.

And if the biped droid doesn't unnerve you we urge you to take a look at what Google X's robotics division has in store for pets and Christmas.

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