OnlyOnAOL: Anthony Mackie reveals his biggest crush ever

Casey Affleck and Anthony Mackie On "Triple 9"

Some of us aspire to win the lottery. Others clamor for the newest tech gadgets. Not Anthony Mackie, who has, ahem, bawdier goals. It's all due to the blockbuster success of "Deadpool," which has grossed $241 million domestically to date.

"I'm just trying to be a chocolate Ryan Reynolds. That's my goal in life. Taller and handsome. Who wouldn't want to be Ryan Reynolds right now," says Mackie.

Good point, but Mackie has plenty to keep him busy. He plays a crooked crop in "Triple 9," opposite Casey Affleck as his squeaky clean new partner; the movie opens Friday. He and a slew of baddies plan the ultimate crime, which doesn't quite work out as planned.

"It's a really fun movie. I've never done a big character-driven action movie. I really enjoyed the ensemble aspect of it. I have a huge crush on Kate Winslet. That's what I took away from it. She's the bomb-diggity," says Mackie.

They have no scenes together, but that didn't cramp Mackie's style. "She was dope. She's really good in the movie. I never worked with her in the movie. I met her on set. I told them I didn't think she was in the movie so they made her come on set to say hello to me," he says. "I'm dead serious. Boom. I met her."

The takeaway for Mackie, a perpetual whip-smart cut-up with a finely-honed sense of the absurd and a performer who would do well as a standup comedian, is that a life of crime can pay. If managed correctly. And with Mackie, who has such a good poker face, you never know quite when he's being serious, or not.

"I would be a very good criminal. I watch a lot of criminal TV. I'm pretty sure now I can get away with any crime that I want to," says Mackie.

His rule of thumb: "Never tell the police what you think or what you did or where you were. Be careful with your hair follicles. Wear a hair-net at all times."

His kids are big comic book fans, and love Superman, Spider-Man and Batman. Which is good news, since next up for Mackie is his turn as Falcon in "Captain America: Civil War," opening in May. The film, as the others before it, is shrouded in Marvel's patented form of secrecy.

"It's good," he says of his role. "You can't say anything because if you say, 'I enjoyed the movie,' then online they say, 'Anthony Mackie says he enjoyed "The Avengers." I choose not to say anything anymore about Marvel movies. Anything you say will be misconstrued and taken out of context."

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OnlyOnAOL: Anthony Mackie reveals his biggest crush ever
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