Officials discover ecstasy pills shaped like 'Despicable Me' minions

How the Drug Molly Affects Your Body
How the Drug Molly Affects Your Body

Officials in Chile have found more than 100 ecstasy pills shaped like colorful minions from the children's movie "Despicable Me," CBSMiami reports.

The stash was found by custom officials at the Santiago International Airport. The pills were hidden inside a children's drawing kit.

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The customs agency tweeted photos of the "Despicable Me" inspired pills and the coloring kit that would typically carry crayons, markers and paper.

Officials believe the pills originally came from the Netherlands and were bound for Vina del Mar, a city on Chile's Pacific coast.

A Chilean man and an Argentine man were both placed under house arrest at a Vina del Mar apartment, following the find.

The same day Chilean authorities announced another drug bust. Officials found three backpacks used by smugglers to transport methamphetamine in a false bottom. After examining the backpacks, officials discovered hidden plastic bags containing a white substance crystals, which tested positive for methamphetamine when subjected to field trials. Authorities say that these drugs from Cali, Colombia were bound for Sydney, Australia.

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