New website, 'Help Kenya, not Kanye' slams rapper while spotlighting global issues

The 7 Greatest Kanye West Rants of All Time
The 7 Greatest Kanye West Rants of All Time

In light of Kanye West's recent (and frequent) social media meltdowns, a new website has surfaced with the sole purpose of deflecting attention away from the rapper and onto other, more traditional charitable endeavors. The site, appropriately called 'Help Kenya, Not Kanye,' popped up after the rapper admitted he was a whopping $53 million in debt before asking moguls like Mark Zuckerburg to lend a helping hand.

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By suggesting that his 'creative process' was more deserving of a contribution than the various charities out there, his tweets became grounds for mockery. The site's creator, copywriter Gabriel Ferrer, proceeded to use aspects of the rapper's brand to highlight individual charities on the site's splash page.

So far, it appears to be a major hit on social media, gaining steam and retweets across the board. See the best reactions to the site below.

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