ISIS threatens Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey

Why Shutting Down ISIS' Social Media Accounts Won't Stop Recruitment
Why Shutting Down ISIS' Social Media Accounts Won't Stop Recruitment

ISIS threatened Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter's Jack Dorsey on Wednesday with promises that its hackers are fighting back against efforts to wipe social media platforms of accounts promoting terrorism.

Twitter said earlier this month it suspended 125,000 accounts "for threatening or promoting terrorist acts, primarily related to ISIS." Facebook has said that it works to ensure that terrorists don't use the site, and that it removes content supporting terrorism.

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The Islamic State isn't taking the actions lightly. A group of ISIS hackers calling themselves "the sons of the Caliphate army" released a video on Wednesday claiming to show them hacking Facebook and Twitter accounts by changing profile pictures and posting ISIS materials and propaganda on the platforms, Vocativ found.

The 25-minute video, titled the "Flames Of The Supporters," also includes images of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, with bullet holes defacing the pictures of their faces. At the end of the video, ISIS claims it has hacked more than 10,000 Facebook accounts, more than 150 Facebook groups and more than 5,000 accounts on Twitter. "Many of these accounts have been given to supporters," it said.

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The final clip threatens Zuckerberg and Dorsey directly: "You announce daily that you suspend many of our accounts, and to you we say: Is that all you can do? You are not in our league," text in the final video clip reads. "If you close one account we will take 10 in return and soon your names will be erased after we delete your sites, Allah willing, and will know that we say is true."

ISIS Twitter
ISIS Twitter

Shiloach, Gilad

The video and its claims are part of the terror group's war of words in a wider propaganda campaign that has aimed to show defiance against efforts targeting its online operations.

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A February report by George Washington University Program on Extremism said the amount of pro-ISIS content available on Twitter has been limited by account suspensions since last summer. Suspensions have also devastated the reach of specific ISIS-affiliated users who have been repeatedly targeted, the report said.

Over the last several months, ISIS supporters have responded to efforts to minimize its Twitter reach by moving to other platforms such as the messaging app Telegram. In the past, dating back to at least September 2014, ISIS supporters have called on "lone wolves" to target Twitter employees and even kill Twitter co-founder Dorsey.

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