How to curl your hair using only toilet paper and hairspray

How to curl your hair using only toilet paper and hairspray

While many people strive to get the 'perfectly coiffed' look for a night out, achieving said style can be more difficult than you'd hope for. Between burning yourself with a wand or frying your hair with an iron, hot equipment tends to bring about more stress that it's often worth. Understanding how annoying these tools can be, Youtuber Nicole Skyes recently uploaded a tutorial on how to get the enviable curls without the heat.

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Using strictly toilet paper (yes, toilet paper) and a little bit of hairspray, the beauty blogger shows how sometimes the cheap route is the best route. In her four-step process, Skyes explains how to fold, wrap, and knot segments of hair to obtain a ringlets with a fraction of the damage and effort.

Check out the full video below to get a step-by-step guide on how to recreate the look.

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