Drudge Report declares Donald Trump 'the nominee' after apparent dominant win in Nevada

Donald Trump Rallies Supporters After Winning Nevada Caucus
Donald Trump Rallies Supporters After Winning Nevada Caucus

The race for the Republican presidential nomination is already over, according to the conservative news aggregation website The Drudge Report.

The Super Tuesday primaries are still a week away, but the website ran a huge banner declaring Donald Trump the GOP nominee after he was projected to win the Nevada Republican caucuses by a wide margin.

Matt Drudge, who runs the website, has expressed support for Trump and his candidacy. His website is one of the Internet's most trafficked.

After the banner went up on his site, Drudge tweeted: "There has been little doubt for months... AND ZERO DOUBT TONIGHT!"

The Nevada victory followed easy wins for Trump in South Carolina and New Hampshire and a second-place showing in Iowa. No Republican had previously won in New Hampshire and South Carolina and not gone on to become the eventual GOP nominee.

Trump is leading polls in almost all of the Super Tuesday states.

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