Colorful bird is the recipient of the world's first 3-D printed titanium beak

What's the Future of 3-D Printing?
What's the Future of 3-D Printing?

3-D printing is not only a cool tech innovation, it also opens up endless opportunities in science and health.

While we hear many stories of 3-D printing involving human patients, the innovative techniques have also been able to improve the lives many animals whose injuries hinder their quality of life, or even make it impossible to survive.

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One of these animals is Gigi, the macaw. When Gigi was rescued in São Paulo, Brazil, her beak was so severely damaged that she couldn't even eat solid foods. Without normally functioning beaks, birds are unable to eat or defend themselves, making it difficult to survive.

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Posted by Cícero Moraes on Thursday, February 18, 2016

But thanks to 3-D printing, Gigi is back in action as the proud recipient of the world's first 3-D printed titanium beak.

A skilled team of veterinarians and 3-D printing designers from Brazil worked together to implant the titanium 3D-printed beak on Gigi.

Gigi's team of designers and veterinarians are also responsible for 3-D printing a new shell for Fred the tortoise last year as well as a new beak for a green-billed toucan.

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