Cheerleader asks autistic boy to prom and his reaction is priceless

Florida Cheerleader Asks Boy With Autism To Senior Prom
Florida Cheerleader Asks Boy With Autism To Senior Prom

Getting asked to prom is a big deal for any high schooler no matter how over the top or cheesy -- but this viral video of a "promposal" in Florida will absolutely melt your heart.

Mikal Bartosik, a cheerleader at Park Vista High School, according to The Palm Beach Post, made an incredibly sweet gesture when she asked her date to prom.

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In the video she walks into a classroom full of students and says to a boy named Jonathan, a special needs student with autism, "I have a question."

Jonathan responds, "What's your question?" and goes over to her.

She opens up a big box she's holding to reveal a giant Mrs. Fields cookie with words written in icing.

He reads aloud, "Will go you to prom with me?" -- and his reaction is priceless:

The moving video has been viewed on Facebook more than 21 million times and shared by hundreds of thousands of people.

The comments section under the post was filled with mostly uplifting, heartfelt reactions.

"She has a beautiful humble heart.. Her parents raised her right I love this video hope they had fun," Rosie Argudin wrote.

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"Just heart warming .....Now this is what we need to see more of instead of all the violent videos ...he will never forget this moment," Tracie Kennedy commented.

See the reactions on Twitter:

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