90-year-old refuses cancer treatment to do something remarkable

90-Year-Old Woman Embarks On Incredible Road Trip After Cancer Diagnosis
90-Year-Old Woman Embarks On Incredible Road Trip After Cancer Diagnosis

In 2015, 90-year-old Norma was hit with two devastating blows within one week. Within days of losing her beloved husband of 67 years, doctors discovered a cancerous mass on her uterus.

Facing the difficult choice of putting her 101 pound body under grueling surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, Norma decided to forgo treatment. "I'm 90-years-old, I'm hitting the road," Norma said, according to her daughter-in-law Ramie.

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When Norma refused treatment, her son and daughter-in-law knew they couldn't leave her alone in a nursing home. So they decided to take her on the road with them in a RV, to where ever she wanted to go -- whether it be Disney World, the grand canyon, or the beach.

Love the face and the photo bomb!

Posted by Driving Miss Norma on Monday, February 22, 2016

"Norma currently is not in pain, her mind is sharp, she loves to travel, and she is remarkably easy to be around," Ramie writes on Facebook.

Norma and her family document her journey across the United States on the Facebook page Driving Miss Norma.

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