11 reactions to the Oscars controversy that might surprise you

Recently, the 2016 Oscar nominations have been garnering a lot of press -- mainly for the reason that many people feel like African Americans are under-represented in the nominations, and several actors are even boycotting the renowned awards show.

Several actors of all different races have made a point to 'address the diversity problem' within Hollywood, with the end goal of raising awareness to create a fairer playing field. However, not everyone agrees that there's a problem that needs changing -- and the people who feel this come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

Several people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to address the Oscars controversy -- and their reactions might surprise you.

1. Would it be fairer to nominate a person of color simply because he or she is a person of color?

2. With so many social issues in our society, it's often curious to think whether some issues are talked about simply for the sake of it

3. Bringing race into something that seems purely for entertainment seems overdramatic to some
Okay I

4. Perhaps the Academy isn't to blame for the root of a race problem in Hollywood
#OscarsSoWhite isn

5. The roles black for which black people earn respect might seem stereotyped in and of themselves
I don

6. Feeling like you're not reflected at Hollywood's biggest show shouldn't undermine all the things you and your race are proud of
Screw the Oscars. If they didn

7. Should black people be represented for the sake of it, or are important performances being overlooked because of race?

8. Worrying about the Oscars might seem petty in comparison to all the important things African Americans have fought for throughout their history
I believe there is so many more issues in the African American community than the Oscars. That golden statue won

9. Boycotting might seem like it's sending the wrong message and not get to the root of the problem
Boycotting the oscars is ridiculous. I wouldn

10. Are actors' motives to boycott genuine?
I admit that there needs to be more diversity at the oscars this year, but Jada Pinkett-Smith is just butthurt Will didn

11. Just because black actors deserve to be recognized doesn't mean that the white actors who were nominated deserve it any less

Want to hear more on the Oscars controversy? Check out Whisper!

Not all actors are holding the Academy responsible for the lack of diversity:
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