Transformation Tuesday: Your favorite company logos then and now

Behind the Rebranding of Company Logos
Behind the Rebranding of Company Logos

In order for any good business to succeed, it has to be constantly changing and evolving. This most often takes the form of new and rebranded marketing campaigns, exterior and interior design and set up, and food menu items.

You name it, big name companies have tried it.

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A simple yet smart way of doing this is a logo change.

When a company rebrands itself with a new logo, they're unveiling an entirely new image to the world.

The iconic McDonald's golden arches were not present with the company from the beginning, nor was that green goddess stamped on the side of every Starbucks cup. We associate every company with its logo, and it's more important than we might realize.

Throughout the years, your favorite companies have made some pretty drastic changes when it comes to their corporate logos. Take a look at our top 10 below:

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