This photo of a levitating high school basketball player will blow your mind

This photo of a levitating high school basketball player will blow your mind

Congratulations to the Maroons for winning their Senior Night in overtime against Danville. I love this picture of Walker Stillman just hanging out watching the play.

Posted by Liz Brunson on Friday, February 19, 2016

Most skilled athletes make playing sports look easy, but this is just ridiculous.

Local photographer Liz Brunson captured the above photo of Walker Stillman, a junior at Champaign Central High School, effortlessly playing basketball during a game on Friday.

If you're not clear on which player pictured is Stillman, we'll give you a hint: He's the one levitating in midair.

The Maroons' guard explained the seemingly magical photo, saying that since he knew he had no chance at the rebound, he just relaxed mid-air.

"Most of the people I've heard from ask me, 'What were you doing?'" Stillman told local newspaper The News-Gazette. %shareLinks-quote="I had jumped for a rebound and saw that it wasn't coming my way so I kind of stopped what I was doing." type="quote" author="Walker Stillman" authordesc="master of the force" isquoteoftheday="false"% Little did he know, his split-second decision would launch him into the Internet meme HallofFame.

ABC News reports that initially, Stillman thought it was just a funny picture -- but once it started gaining national attention, his fellow players began sending him screenshots of tweets and memes of the image.

One Instagram post of Stillman from a user named Daquan, who boasts 3.9 million followers, even got 360,000 likes.

For those doubting the photos authenticity, the school's Twitter account even posted a video of the game that corroborates Brunson's picture:

According to Stack, the Maroons had been down 19 points to the opposing team, and Stillman capped a furious comeback by nailing a 3-pointer at the buzzer to send the game to overtime, which was when the infamous flotation moment was captured.

Unfortunately, that phenomenal catch up ended up being completely overshadowed by Stillman's Jedi powers.

"Nobody wanted to talk about his game-tying 3-pointer. They wanted to talk about his Jedi prowess in that photo," John Woods, athletic director, said with a laugh.

So, what does Stillman plan to do with his newfound Internet glory?

Well, his mom Jane certainly has a plan. "I'm going to (frame the photo and) hang it on the wall," she said, "so when he gets old he can remember how high he used to jump."

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