One look inside this 'She Shed,' and you'll want to move in

The Woman's Man Cave, She Sheds
The Woman's Man Cave, She Sheds

Move over Man Caves, because there's a new 'tiny house' trend sweeping the nation. The backyard escapes have been dubbed She Sheds, and have been popping up everywhere on social media as of late.

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The small getaways, which are generally made from renovated garden sheds, serve as a home away from home for women attempting to find solace in the midst of their hectic lives. Many users have taken to Instagram and Twitter to post images of their She Sheds, which play host to the owner's various businesses, hobbies, and side projects.

One woman in particular has gained tons of hype for her creation, Instagram user Leslie, also known as bella_blu3. Her quaint backyard oasis has gained her over fifteen thousand followers, all whom are eager to see documentation of the local picturesque getaway she's put together.

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