Rima Vaidila on the NYFW styles you'll want to steal for yourself

It's hard to keep up with seasonal trends, if only for the fact that there are so many of them that appear during New York Fashion week alone -- and that number doesn't even account for shows seen at Paris, London, Milan, Copenhagen, or even Australia. At the end of the day, you need someone with an expert eye to sift through all the major styles, and breakdown which ones are wearable enough to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe.

That person is Rima Vaidila. She's a jack of all trades in the fashion industry, being a leader in the social media, creative directing, modeling, and styling worlds. If her experience has taught her anything, it's determining which "trendy" items can actually be incorporated into her own personal style. Her secret to success: stay true to yourself. As she notes, "things that don't fit in with my personal style I have to pass on." It's a sentiment we should all be following.

During New York Fashion Week, we caught up with Vaidila about all things fashion Ahead, are her favorite runway trends from this season, the biggest lesson she's learned during FW, and more!

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What designers do you gravitate towards?
rag & bone, Helmut Lang, all the minimal and simple aesthetics. They really focus on black and white, and quality denim. I also love J Brand -- those are definitely my favorites.

What were the top trends you saw on the runways that you can't wait to incorporate into your own wardrobe?
Randomly, I saw a lot of little ruffle accents. And even though I'm not super girly in my personal style, when I saw them on the edge of leather pants or on the edge of a bag, I was really into that. When I saw it, I thought, "Wow, that's really cute and it's not super girly." I think that's one thing I really enjoyed. Grommet detail, like metal and stud accents, are another thing I'm really into and have been for the past year or so now that made multiple appearances over the week.

What show was the highlight of your season?
rag & bone was pretty on point. I like the pop of teal; I don't normally wear color, but I really appreciated it. If I saw someone walking down the street with that, I would think that it looks great. Teal is a random color for fall but it was really nice.

Fashion Week can be super stressful. How do you detox after it's all done?
I low-key really love baths. Lush makes these bath bombs which make your entire bathroom smell amazing and makes your bath really fizzy. I love, love baths. Also, just eating healthy because it's so easy when you're traveling to eat whatever is around. So making that extra effort to watch what you eat and have a juice every now and again is super helpful. And sleep; I think everyone would say that, but it's hard when you have events at night and then things early in the morning also. You really have to find a balance between going out and going to bed.

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So LA with my green juice rn 🌱 #ramafw

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What's it like coming to New York Fashion Week -- especially during the winter -- from L.A.?
Fall and winter are my favorite seasons and I hate summer; I don't know how I live in L.A. because it's summer year around. But I hate wearing shirts or tank tops, I feel most comfortable. I really love layers. So for me, it's exciting when I come to New York because I can wear those items, and back in L.A. there's only two weeks in a year where I can wear those things. It makes me wish I live here.

What's the biggest thing you've learned since you started attending Fashion Weeks?
Everyone dresses to be photographed, but I think the photos that you see of street style that stand out are the ones of people just do whatever it is they want to do. That turns out to be so much cooler than anyone who is wearing crazy stuff or all the trends. It's always the photos of people on their phones, walking really fast with sunglasses on that just look really put together and confident. That's been a standout for me.

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