Rima Vaidila reveals the biggest misconception people have about fashion bloggers


Fashion bloggers' lives may seem glamorous on the outside: there's front row at Fashion Week shows, decadent brunch outings, and even celebrity parties. But for anyone who is a seasoned social media pro, they know that there is a lot of leg work that goes into those street style and lifestyle images we all love so much.

Take it from fashion blogger and creative director, Rima Vaidila, who knows the ins and outs to shooting for social media. Over the past few years, she's single-handedly perfected her blog shoots, sourcing makeup artists, photographers, and studios all on her own. "It's actually a lot of work. You have to plan out a shoot, plan outfits, all while you're maintaining things and ensuring everything stays consistent."

Especially with a large fan base who are expecting stunning Instagram and blog posts on the daily, Rima has to make sure that there's enough content to go around. But more importantly, Rima's top priority is to ensure that her voice is present, "A lot of it too is creating a community, which is sort of the basis of social media in general, but I think for bloggers, you have to respond back to comments. Obviously you can't do everything, but you have to make an effort to respond back to comments and emails. I think the biggest misconception is that it's all about snapping macaroons and standing in the middle of a street. It's a lot of work."

But we think that if anyone who has proved to be up to the task, it's Rima.

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