People are outraged after a Victoria's Secret model was Photoshopped to look totally different

Vogue China Totally Photoshopped Away Gigi Hadid's Stomach Moles
Vogue China Totally Photoshopped Away Gigi Hadid's Stomach Moles

Gigi Hadid's career is on fire -- she's walked the runway for Victoria's Secret, and she's been appearing on many magazine covers. She's indisputably gorgeous, and there's probably no need to Photoshop her, right?

Apparently not.

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It turns out that Vogue China has Photoshopped Gigi Hadid, FabFitFun points out.

The website points to two posts that Hadid Instagrammed.

First, the Vogue China cover -- how exciting! Hadid posted this last week:

Then FabFitFun points to an Instagram photo from sixteen months ago, in which Hadid appeared to be promoting Calvin Klein apparel.

It's clear that Vogue China did away with all of her moles.

Expectedly, her fans are frustrated and want to know what happened -- and why it happened in the first place.

"Where are her moles?" One commenter asked.

"WHERE ARE YOUR CUTE LIL FRECKLES," another demanded, later begging to know "WHY WOULD YOU PHOTOSHOP THAT."

See more photos of Gigi's rise to the top:

Whether or not you like moles, it's disappointing to see that sometimes, even the most beautiful models aren't perfect enough in the eyes of marketers.

BuzzFeed points out that this isn't Vogue China's first faux pas; the magazine once Photoshopped out Victoria Secret model Doutzen Kroes's whole leg.

Maybe -- as Aerie has suggested -- the world is just better off without Photoshop.

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