Michigan tattoo artist finds unique way to support Flint

Michigan tattoo artist finds unique way to support Flint

Getting a tattoo is a deeply personal experience for many, but one tattoo artist in Michigan found a way to make it a charitable act as well.

Carrie Metz-Caporusso decided she wanted to use her skills working at the Lucky Monkey tattoo parlor in Ann Arbor to help support residents in Flint, about an hour away, who've been struck with a major water crisis, so she decided to hold a fundraiser with an ink twist.

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She designed a special heart tattoo, with dripping water, and promised that anyone who came to get the tattoo -- and paid $50 for it -- would get the wear the symbol of hope for Flint on their sleeve. The shop promised to donate all of the proceeds to Flint Child Health and Development Fund.

See the tattoo and the people who came out:

Metz-Caporusso told public radio she expected five people to come by and give back in the ink-fundraiser after they posted about it on the shop's Facebook page. Instead, 35 people came and all told she and her husband say they raised about $2,200.

The couple is now offering the design -- which they call Water Hearts for Flint -- up to other tattoo shops for free if they're willing to raise donations to give back to the Flint community. They hope it'll inspire others to join the cause as well.

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